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With Frakie you can transform that photo you like into a beautiful and customized piece of art.

What is frakie?

Frakie uses algorithms to convert your pictures into Art. Upload a picture to Frakie, and TADA !! it shows you hundreds of artistic variations of your picture.

How does Frakie work?

Step 1

Upload the photo that you like

Works best with photos of faces and with good contrast

Step 2

Select an Algorithm

Choose the artistic algorithm that you like the most

Step 3

Save it or Print it

You can choose between shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, mugs, murals, posters, etc.

Step 4

Just wait for it to arrive

We print it on the support you choose, and send it to you

Customize any picture with our robots

Frequently Asked Questions

What is algorithmic or generative art?

The artist creates an algorithm, and this algorithm generates artistic images

How does Frakie work?

Choose from the collection of artistic algorithms, and create a new piece with it

How do you guarantee the good quality and resolution of the prints?

Frakie's algorithms create vector works, that is, they can be visualized in any resolution.

Can I download the result of my creation in Vectorial?

If you can, in the art creator

How are Frakie animations generated?

Frakie algorithms use parameters, for example "line thickness", or "separation between circles". If those parameters are changed frame by frame, then the lines will become thicker, or the separation between circles will increase. Capturing all those frames with the evolution of the parameters we generate the frakie animations.

In what format can I download the animations?

GIF and paying very little, you can download it in MPEG4 without watermark.

Any other question?

Ask us!

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